About us

We like our kids to be unique, different, and with a hint of Punk and Rock.

Wild Rabbit Kids is a kids and babies alternative clothing brand.

Born out of the need for unconventional, cool yet comfy and wearable kid’s clothing items.

The brand was Founded in 2018 by Mor Elbaz – a mother of two little boys.

Mor was a mommy on a mission to get cool and unique items for her boys and so her mission grow to the wild Rabbit brand.

We produce our prints and designs from a belief that fashion has no rules or limits!

We produce small amounts!

If you see something you like go grab it since we don’t produce the same print twice. We are all about creativity and innovation.



Our commitment to using top-quality fabrics means that our garments are built to last for years.  We want you to pass on our items from one kid to another once they have outgrown them and it can only be done with high-quality product.

Our items produce in a certified cotton factory and use only fabrics that are light and comfy for our little rebels.


We can’t wait to see your little ones all swagged out in our Wild Rabbit pieces.

There is nothing we love more than seeing your little rockers wearing our items!

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