• The products offered for sale on the site are available in the brand’s warehouses and will be delivered to the operator directly from his warehouses. The delivery times to which the brand commits will be according to business days, that is, Sunday-Thursday, with the exception of Fridays, holiday eves and holidays (except in cases where delivery on these days has been coordinated in advance with the brand’s management), Shabbat and holidays and holidays.
  • In any other selection option that is not self-pickup, the products will be delivered via a “pick-up” delivery, which is delivery to collection points near the customer’s address (containers/kiosks, etc.) and home delivery according to the customer’s choice as mentioned above – to the address provided during the order registration process as the delivery address that was registered in the confirmation message (hereinafter: “the address for delivery”). The supply of the products and their dispatch will be carried out according to the provisions of this regulation.
  • In a “pick up” delivery, you will send a pick up message to the customer. A customer who does not pick up the orders within 4 days of its arrival, the package will be returned to us and sent to the customer again at an additional cost on his part.
  • The brand does not bear any responsibility for delays in the delivery of the products as a result of events beyond its control, such as strikes or shutdowns, malfunctions in the computer system or in the telephone systems and/or communication systems, malfunctions in the electronic mail service, hostilities and/or force majeure (war, earthquake, weather etc.), events that will affect the completion of the purchase process and/or meeting the delivery dates. In these cases, the brand may announce the cancellation of the purchase, in whole or in part, and cancel the charge of the person performing the action.
  • The delivery of the products by couriers will be carried out in accordance with the delivery conditions of the delivery company on behalf of the brand.


If you have purchased an item on the site and wish to return/exchange it, please contact us at our email address: Write us whether you wish to exchange/return, the reason for the request, the date of purchase and the product description and from there we can move forward with the process.

Several small return/exchange procedures:

  • Returning products will be possible up to 14 business days from the day the order was placed.
  • An item to be returned must be in its original packaging, with a label when the product is missing
    Washed/rinsed and not damaged.
  • The gift boxes must be in their original unopened/torn packaging. to an extent
    And the packaging is damaged for any reason, it is not possible to exchange/return the product.

Product returns:

Only after you receive an email confirming your return request, the product must be sent to:
Dizengoff 185, Tel Aviv. And this is when the items are packed in one package.

We recommend making the return by registered mail with a tracking number.

Finally, once we have received the returned goods, the goods will be inspected and you will receive a refund
on the returned items. Wild Rabbit kids are not responsible for the costs of returning the products.


If you want to exchange the product for any reason, please send us an email to our email address, and tell us which product you want to exchange and what size you want. After you receive an email confirming your request, the item must be sent to us at Dizengoff 185, Tel Aviv. At the same time we will take care of sending the item to which you want to exchange. Replacement cost – NIS 20.

In case of a defective product:

If the product was received in a defective shipment, please contact us immediately by email with a description of the defect and a picture of the product:

Waiting to see your children with our clothes,